Options If You've Been Sexually Assaulted

 Campus Advocate Team (CAT) 24-hr hotline: (707) 445-2881

The Campus Advocate Team (CAT) is a free and confidential on-campus resource for students, staff and faculty at Humboldt. CAT is a program of the North Coast Rape Crisis Team, a private non-profit organization that has been contracted by Humboldt to provide specialized services to the Humboldt community.

CAT works with the university, but not for Humboldt.  Who CAT works for is survivors of sexualized violence, including stalking, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and intimate partner violence.

CAT provides 24-hour, completely confidential support to any Humboldt student, staff, or faculty member who wants to talk about harm they’ve survived, or explore their options for support and/or holding accountable the person who harmed them.

As a survivor of sexual assault, there are options available to you. This website offers information and provides resources so that you can decide what will be most helpful for your individual process of healing and recovery.