Filing an Anonymous Police Report

  • Anonymous reports exist for the purpose of collecting statistical information that can increase awareness of the number of incidents of sexual assault that occur on campus.

  • Anonymous reports will not initiate a police investigation. Due to the anonymity of the report, if you file an anonymous report with the Humboldt University Police Department, they cannot follow up or offer services.

  • The identity of the survivor will not be known and the suspect will not be notified that a report was filed.

  • If you choose to file an anonymous report, you should do so with the police department that has jurisdiction where the incident of violence occurred. 

  • To file an anonymous report with a local law enforcement agency, you can call the office and let them know that an incident of sexual assault or rape occurred. See the list of Local Law Enforcement Agencies for their contact information.

  • To file an anonymous report, you can contact the Humboldt Police Department in the following ways:

Electronically, by clicking on the Anonymous Tips link;

By mail at: University Police
1 Harpst St
Arcata, CA 95521

Via email:;

Making an on-campus phone call to 9-1-1, if you are reporting a current emergency;

Calling the UPD business line: (707) 826-5555