Sexual, Dating & Domestic Violence Information and Support

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If you are a survivor who needs immediate help, several options are available for you.

This website is the product of Humboldt’s Sexual Assault Prevention Committee (SAPC), which is comprised of faculty, staff, students, law enforcement, and community partners, including advocates from the North Coast Rape Crisis Team. The SAPC is working toward eliminating rape and all forms of sexualized violence. This website works within a survivor-centered framework in order to prioritize the healing and safety of the survivor.

Sexual violence is any physically or emotionally coercive sexual contact, including, but not limited to rape, sexual battery, unwanted touching, verbal harassment, and stalking. Such violence can happen to anyone. Most violence is perpetrated by someone the survivor knows. Perpetrators, not survivors, are responsible for sexual assaults, and only a potential perpetrator can prevent a sexual assault.

We use the word survivor, rather than victim, in order to recognize the agency and strength of all people who experience sexual violence. We support the right of survivors to define their own needs; there is no one right way to heal from sexual trauma.

Sexualized violence works in conjunction with sexism, racism, classism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia and xenophobia: efforts to end sexualized violence must be grounded in an anti-oppression framework.